the studio
Our people.

Our team is compact &
huge at the same time.

As a studio we have a compact (but strong) core team. That means you can count on short, direct and informal communication lines. We’re quick on the trigger and there’s almost no overhead.

Army of freelance experts.

Keeping the specific needs of the project in mind, we complement our core team with additional expertise. We surround ourselves with an extensive army of freelance experts in various domains (graphics – communication – copywriting – photography …), bringing lots of value to the table. We pull the strings, keeping everyone on track.

Our suppliers.

Collaboration is king.

We like to work with A-level suppliers (catering, technical support, video, build-up/down, event furniture …), who share our believes and values, as well as our work ethic. Together we aim high, for top notch events.

Our workplace.

Working from LikeBirds coworking.

LikeBirds is our coworkingspace where ThisWay is located. Back in 2014, LikeBirds started out as an experiment in an old boiler room of a former factory (Tondeliersite). Five years later, LikeBirds has grown into a coworking community of about 70 creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, doing their best work from a new and inspiring location (Eskimofabriek).

LikeBirds truly feeds our inspiration!
It’s a bit rock ‘n’ roll (which we like) and a major productivity boost! But the best thing, as always, is the people. LikeBirds is a warm community filled with talented and experienced people. It’s a joy to be surrounded by these inspiring beings!

It's about the people. Always.

Vicky Persyn, founder ThisWay

Let’s stir things up together!